LeBron James And Channing Tatum Do Whatever Ellen Dares Them — For A Good Cause

"These kids better use this money."

We all know how much Ellen DeGeneres loves getting her talk show guests to do silly things. This week, she had the perfect game set up for Smallfoot stars LeBron James and Channing Tatum — and it was all to benefit James' I Promise School in Akron, Ohio.

The game DeGeneres chose for them to play is like Truth or Dare, without any of the truths. She challenged them to do whatever ridiculous thing she suggested, and for each dare they completed, Walmart would donate $10,000 to the school. James and Tatum were up for it, if a little bit wary of what they would have to do.


DeGeneres started things off with a bang, daring James to drink a shot of tequila without using his hands. Tatum soon wished that had been his dare when he was challenged to give his "best sexy crawl," a la Magic Mike. "These kids better use this money," he joked before getting down on the floor.

Other dares included licking an unidentified object blindfolded, eating an unappetizing concoction, and attempting to lick peanut butter off one's nose. Both James and Tatum were good sports, and they did as DeGeneres dared them. In the end, the host announced that Walmart would be rounding up the donation to $100,000. 

See every last dare for yourself in the video below:


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