This 22-Year-Old Iraqi Is Studying Dance At A New York Studio Via Skype

Wish more people did things like this.

Professional dancer Sean Scantlebury of the Battery Dance Company in New York City has an unlikely student: 22-year-old Aadel Qies Aadel, an aspiring dancer and law student living in Baghdad, Iraq. The two have never met face to face — they communicate, and hold their lessons, via Skype. 

Aadel is one of a number of students now taking dance lessons online as part of a grassroots effort on the part of Battery Dance Company founder and artistic directior Jonathan Hollander. An offshoot of the successful international outreach initiative Dancing to Connect, this new program links dance teachers in the U.S. with students in Iraq who may not have access to studios. "Were so used to having people in front of us and teaching us. And that's our luxury here," Scantlebury says in the video. "Over there they don't have that as much." 

And evidently, Aadel is one of the program's star students. "I think he's extraordinarily talent," Hollander told the Wall Street Journal. "He's phenomenal." Watch the clip for the full story.

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Source: Wall Street Journal


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