These Women Used Scales To Measure Their Weight, But It Wasn't Based On Pounds


Measuring your weight is kind of like watching 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' — you know the consequences will be miserable, yet you still want to do it.


So it's not at all surprising these women's eyes rolled back into their heads when they were invited to this experiment and saw humongous scales in the middle of the room.

Back in June 2015, Nestlé's healthy nutrition brand Lean Cuisine started an inspiring advertising campaign titled #WeighThis.

Along with social media coverage, Lean Cuisine released an emotional video that addresses the issues of dieting, weight-loss and body image. The viral clip features a handful of women invited to a room with body weight scales. But instead of measuring their pounds, they are interviewed about their biggest accomplishments. 

What does is have to do with weight, you wonder? Well, as the campaign slogan declares: 

If you're going to weigh something, weigh what matters.

Instead of measuring their own weight, participants were told to weigh items that matter most to them and represent their biggest accomplishments. Our hearts = broken.

Although the message might sound contradictory coming from a brand focused on weight-loss promotion, Lean Cuisine claims it's moving away from diet marketing and exploring healthy eating trends. 

"We've spent over 30 years putting thought and care into our food, but a lot has evolved in those three decades. Culinary culture has become richer and more diverse than ever, and our understanding of health and wellness has grown immensely. We know we have to rethink the way we make our recipes, but it's time to rise to the challenge," says the company's website.

Watch the full video below:

Many people took it to social media and shared some powerful things using the #WeighThis hashtag. Check out some of them below.

What would you put on the scales?


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