Lava Is Cooler Than We Thought: It Can Be Used To Cook Steak, Too

Now, this is our kind of school project.

As far as badassery goes, cooking your steak on lava is about as good as it gets.

In a video from the Syracuse Lava Project (because apparently that's a thing), two people are seen cooking steak, hot dogs, and what appears to be some kind of fish, over a trough filled with lava.

According to their website, the Syracuse Lava Project includes "scientific experiments, artistic creations, education, and outreach to the Syracuse University and city communities." This experiment was an attempt to gauge and understand the way you can cook over lava. 


At one point, an experimenter even drops the steak directly on top of the lava. Check it out here:

Basaltic lava, the kind seen in this video, is the same kind of lava you'd find in volcanoes in Hawaii or Iceland. Lava like this typically burns at about 895 degrees Fahrenheit. That certainly sounds hot enough to cook a steak.

Cool stuff, huh? 

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