Stunning Illusion Makes It Look Like These Models' Eyelids Are Their Actual Eyes

Eyes wide shut.

If you were to see this girl and her piercing green eyes in a slightly dimmed room, you might assume that she's looking straight at you.


But the truth is, her eyes are actually shut, and what appears to be a super intense gaze is actually just an illusion created by a skilled face painter.

In artist Laurie Simmons' photography project "How We See," she features models with large eyes painted onto their closed eyelids.

According to Simmons, she borrowed the idea from the "Doll Girls" community.

"'How We See' draws upon the 'Doll Girls' subculture, women who alter themselves to look like Barbie, baby dolls, and Japanese Anime characters through make-up, dress, and even cosmetic surgery."

By mimicking the "Doll Girls" trend, Simmons explores the concepts of beauty, identity and persona.

Take a look at the rest of her eerie photographs below.

All images courtesy of the artist and Salon 94.

(H/T: Ufunk)

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