Here's Why This Prom-Themed 'Dancing With The Stars' Performance Was So Special To Laurie Hernandez

A 1960s twist.

Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez is still going strong on this season of Dancing With the Stars. On Monday night, she and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy danced the quickstep in a 1960s-themed number for the show's Eras Night. It was a special performance for Laurie, and not just because it taught the 16-year-old a thing or two about history. 

When Val told her the dance would have a prom setting, Laurie revealed that she had never been to a prom before, because she's homeschooled. So Val set out to make the experience memorable for her.

"These are magic moments every teenager should experience," he said. "I'm glad that Laurie gets to experience it, at least on Dancing With the Stars."

Their dance, set to the classic "One Fine Day," started with Val giving Laurie a corsage with retro backup dancers surrounding them.


The performance was a hit with the judges, who gave the pair a 34 out of 40. "You have obviously not missed out, because my prom definitely didn't look like that," Julianne Hough joked. "That was amazing!"

Laurie told Entertainment Tonight of the experience, "It was exciting!" She also gushed about having Val as her date, saying, "He got me the flowers, he asked my mom what my curfew was, it was great!" 

Watch Laurie and Val's full performance in the video below:

(H/T: ET Online)


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