The X-Factor Can't 'Let It Go' When It Comes To This Amazing Singer

Is there anything this girl can't sing?

As you know, we've been keeping tabs on the X-Factor U.K. since the beginning of their season and there's one singer whose performance just blow us away every week: 17-year-old Lauren Platt, whose sensational covers of "What A Feeling" and "Happy" got their own articles here on A+. 

This past Saturday's performance was no less spectacular. Platt melted the audience with a cover of Demi Lovato's "Let It Go" that absolutely soared, making the most of the her powerful vocals. 

You can follow Ms. Platt on Twitter or like her Facebook page

Let's get this amazing singer's talent to as massive an audience as possible. She's just too good to only have the attention of the U.K.s eyes and ears. Please share this with your friends.


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