Video Of Wife Helping Husband With Eye Drops Is Actual Relationship Goals

We can't stop laughing at this.

Listen, we get it โ€” putting in eye drops isn't an easy task for everyone. Half the time you miss your eye or you flinch before you can even get the drop out of the bottle. So sometimes, you need a little help.

Last Friday, Lauren Parker tweeted a video of her mom helping her dad put eyedrops in, writing: "My dad is a 50-year-old man who can't put in eye drops, and had to get my mom to do it for him. This is why I love my parents so much." The video then shows the ultimate struggle of putting in eye drops, with Parker's mom asking her dad to sit still while she tries to drop them in.

At first, it looks like Parker's mom is going to give up, considering her husband can barely keep his eye open. But then, she comes back, showing him how it's done before they give it another go. The two may be frustrated, but they can't stop smiling and laughing at the entirety of the situation.

"It's painful," Parker's dad says. 

"It's not painful. I've had three babies. It's not painful," her mother responds. 

Parker's dad then asks for a five second break, and then they keep trying. Unfortunately, Parker reports that it didn't work.

"No, he never got them in," she tweets.

Parker's video has since been viewed over 3 million times on Twitter, collecting thousands and thousands of likes and retweets. And apparently, it's winning people over with how relatable and cute it is. 


Hopefully, Parker's dad can get those drops in eventually but until then, we thank their family for this hilarious video. 

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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