Every Woman Needs To See This Makeup Tutorial

Don't cover it up.

When YouTuber and makeup guru Lauren Luke tells her viewers that she's going to teach them how to "cover up" in a tutorial video, she wasn't just talking about applying foundation.

In 2012, Luke partnered with Refuge, a charity working to help women affected by domestic violence in the United Kingdom, to create a poignant anti-abuse PSA.

"If you've got a lot of bruising from being pushed hard against a coffee table, you can gently apply layer after layer, and you will cover it up slightly," Luke says in the PSA as she brushes on foundation over realistic-looking fake bruises. "It might hurt, but try your best."


According to Refuge, 65% of women who experience abuse keep it hidden, a horrifying statistic they're working to change. 

"Thousands of women experience domestic violence in this country every day. Yet many women are too frightened to speak out – instead they try to cover up the abuse," Refuge writes on its website. "At Refuge we want women to break the silence, to realise they are not alone and to reach out and get help and support."

Luke decided to work with Refuge based on a bad experience with an ex-boyfriend. Even though the abuse was never physical, she says she was constantly on edge.

"To open up and be honest about something like this makes us feel weak among our friends and family, but in actual fact there is nothing weak about it. Those who are abusive behind closed doors are the ones who are weak," she told Adweek.

Although the video dates back to 2012, the fight to put an end to domestic abuse is ongoing, and the video's message still important. 

"Don't cover it up," text at the end of the tutorial requests. "Share this and help someone speak out."


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