After Being Labeled A Bunch Of Hurtful Words, Teenager Releases This Powerful Video To Take A Stand

"We've all been labeled at one point in our lives."

Lauren Brocious, a YouTuber from Virginia, might be just 16 years old, but we could all learn a thing or two from her.

Earlier this month Brocious released a powerful video taking a stand against bullying. The video begins with her writing hurtful words with a black pencil on her face. 

Fake, slut, ugly — just to name a few.


"We've all been labeled at one point in our lives," Brocious says.

"The hurtful words that people call us... We take those words personally and take them to heart. We start to believe what people say and forget who we are [...]"

"And we start defining ourselves in other people's words instead of our own."

"But what if instead [...] we started clearing and erasing these hurtful words from ourselves, because we know that they are not who we are?"

"We start creating a positive image for ourselves. And slowly that positivity will become contagious."

Watch the entire video below.


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