Twitter Users Shut Down Claim That Parents Should Protect Sons From A 'War On Men'

"I've never been accused of stealing or murder because I've never committed those crimes. Wake up lady!"

From the #MeToo Movement, to Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation, the past year can be defined as one of female reckoning. After years of silence and suppression, women are no longer interested in maintaining the status quo. Many are speaking up and holding their abusers accountable. Yet, while many women feel empowered by the sense of sisterhood that has developed in the movement's wake, some still perceive this revolution as a "War On Men."

For instance, investigative journalist Laura Loomer recently took to Twitter to share her thoughts on this alleged war:


However, Twitter users were quick to shun Loomer's recommendations on how to protect their sons from this supposed onslaught of "false accusations" against men. Kevin Heldman drew special attention to society's need to believe women by sharing an array of statistics about assault and how such behaviors impact both genders.

Loomer's fellow parents were also quick to advise her to forego her high-tech approach and, instead, teach the young men in her life about the concept of consent.

Some Twitter users called out Loomer's hypocrisy using sarcasm in an effort to destroy her misguided logic.

Shaun Chavis exposed the latent racism in Loomer's tweet by emphasizing that young Black men "have never been safe in America" and that, if any demographic needs body cameras and recording devices for protection, it's those who've already been marginalized throughout history.

Men also dispelled this mythical "war" by reinforcing the fact that those who observe consent and respect women have nothing to worry about. They assured Loomer that they've never had any issues and that they, too, will teach their sons about consent.

But, if that's not enough to convince the wary that consent has the power to keep their sons safe, this image says it all:

Cover image via LightField Studios / Shutterstock

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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