Photographer Creates Full Family Photo For Woman Who Lost Her Husband While Pregnant

"It is the epitome of why I am so passionate of what I do!"

Photographers don't just take photos, they capture memories, and that was made abundantly clear last week for Arizona-based photographer Laura Gordillo. 

Last year, she had done a couple portraits for Taurean and Stephanie. A few months later, on Aug. 27, Tauren died in a plane crash. He had been the paramedic onboard the aircraft that crashed while transferring a cancer patient to a hospital. Stephanie was five-months pregnant with their first child. 

Fast-forward a year and one adorable baby boy later, and Stephanie came back to Gordillo for portraits. 

"Stephanie contacted me wanting to take pictures with their son at the same locations where we had taken her and hubby's pics," Gordillo wrote of the experience in a Facebook post. "She and their adorable baby boy even wore the same color schemes she and Taurean wore for their session last year."

Stephanie also wanted to incorporate Taurean in the photo. 


So Gordillo used the images of the couple from their first session and superimposed Taurean into Stephanie and the baby's photo.

"She emailed me saying she couldn't stop crying! That she absolutely loved it!" Gordillo continued. 

She then shared her image to her photography Facebook page, racking up more than 500 shares and 3,000 likes. Many commented that they were brought to tears by the composite, as did Gordillo while editing. She told A Plus that she's also received a high volume of emails and calls, asking her to do something similar with photos of others who have passed.

As much as Gordillo would love to do this for everyone, she said she was lucky the photos lighting and other factors matched up. 

"Unfortunately, that won't be the case for everyone. Right now, I am thinking I will have to see what image/s they have available," she said.

Her business isn't the only thing that's booming. Her love for what she does has reached new heights as well. 

"As a photographer you can become so absorbed with the 'business' that it is easy to lose sight of why you are behind the camera. After editing this image I realized THIS  is why I do what I do!" she told A Plus in an email. "I create memories, I capture moments."

Memories, like this one, that those who weren't even around to experience will be able to have. 

(H/T: Fox 29)


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