After Being Shamed, This Woman Hit Back At The Trolls, And Turned Their Comments Into Art

"This is not just me. This is you. This is every person."

(Images below slightly NSFW.)

Refinery29 video producer, Laura Delarato, recently produced a body positive video celebrating the fact that being plus-size, confident, and sexy are not mutually exclusive. While the video received a lot of great feedback, trolls also took the opportunity to lash out at Delarato.


Instead of ignoring the negative words, the body-positive activist decided to turn them into empowering works of art for her series The Comments ProjectThe project began with Delarato using the vulgar and rude online comments she received on dating sites, but grew to include the trolls' words on her recent video as well.

In all of the images, Delarato proudly shows off her body while she uses the comments in place of the traditional black bars that censor private parts.

In a Luna Luna Magazine article, "How I Combat Shaming Comments With Sexy Self-Portraits," Delarato writes about how she doesn't need to be liked by everyone, but doesn't understand the cruelty that the Internet often produces. "This is not just me. This is you. This is every person (i.e.: every woman) that has decided to express themselves on a public forum," she writes, "And I get it … it's the Internet where we are just supposed to deal with it. No. We use the Internet excuse too much especially when unsolicited sexual or health conversations. I'm done replying back to idiots or having to sit with an ignorant comment from a dude on Tinder."

Furthermore, Allure reported that she said, "I'm a human, and that's the point of the whole project. Go ahead and say what you want to say — but I'm a person that you're saying this to. Not a computer screen."

While she points out that she is a human with feelings, she is still going to take on the trolls. As she says in one post, "Do your worst, I'm ready." She captioned another photo, "This is what retaliation looks like."

Take a look at some photos from Delarato's "The Comments Project" series:

(H/T: Allure)


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