A World Of Good: Global Health In The Eyes Of Laura

"I aim to maintain a well-balanced diet, but sometimes I find myself not getting enough of certain vitamins ..."

One thing unites us no matter where we live or how much money we make, and that's a desire to be both happy and healthy.

What's cool about that is, no matter your age, background, or the region where we reside, we all need many of the same vitamins. And how exciting is it knowing you can do your part to make sure others — and you — get what we need to reach optimum health?

Click on any of the photos above to learn about the unique vitamin needs of boys, girls, women, and men all over the world. Though they may differ, we can each learn how we can work toward our individual and common goal of living happy and healthy lives.


Meet Laura.

Like most New Yorkers, Laura is someone who's always on the move, meeting and greeting tons of people throughout her day. When this millennial isn't working or planning the launch of her own business, she's socializing with friends, traveling, and babysitting her adorable 1-year-old nephew Andrew. On top of all that, she still finds time to get in a solid workout five days a week. Um, goals, anyone?

Despite her crazy schedule, Laura makes sure her health is a top priority — anyone juggling lots of activities knows this is a hard thing to do.  

"I aim to maintain a well-balanced diet, but sometimes I find myself not getting enough of certain vitamins through food, so that's when I will take supplements to make up for it," she tells A Plus. "I try to do everything I can to make sure I'm keeping my body healthy, strong, and energized. Taking supplemental vitamins definitely makes that easier."

Because Laura is so busy and ambitious, her proactive approach to health helps prevent her from getting sick. "I am always on the move and am constantly around a lot of people each day, making it very important for me to maintain a strong and healthy immune system so that I can keep going and not get others sick as well," she says.

Spending time with so many different people and in various places leaves her more susceptible to germs and illnesses. So, to help build up her immune system, Laura makes sure to get enough vitamin C. 

For Laura and other women, that means 75 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C a day. That's equivalent to about one and a half oranges. Men, on the other hand, need a bit more at 90 mg per day — around two oranges.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient, necessary for growth and development.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C slows down processes that damage and age cells called free radicals. It helps tissues grow and repairs them in all parts of the body, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine

Fighting free radicals means Laura is fighting to protect herself from cancers, heart disease, and arthritis — all of which free radicals contribute to. This is important to Laura given that these conditions run in her family. 

Vitamin C also helps Laura’s skin.

Laura lives in a small town in Westchester, N.Y., where she grew up and currently works. That means she can't leave the house without running into someone she knows.

That can make a bad skin day feel much, much worse.

Luckily, she doesn't have to worry much about it because her vitamin C intake leaves her with perfect skin. Vitamin C plays a huge role in maintaining skin's collagen, keeping it brighter, softer, and, most importantly, healthier.

"Having a good skin day is such a game-changer," Laura says. "It gives me that added confidence to face my day feeling like I can conquer the world." 

We could all use a few more of those days.

However, Laura is not the only person who needs vitamin C. One-year-old Carmen from Peru also needs it. Click on Carmen's photo, highlighted in green, to find out how the two of them are connected by their vitamin need, or explore the rest of the profiles below.

Want to help people around the world get access to vitamins? For every purchase of vitamins and minerals at Walgreens, they will make a donation to Vitamin Angels. 

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