Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Are Spreading A Very Important Message With One Very Simple Hashtag


A woman dies every 30 hours in Argentina, 2,000 women die each year in Mexico, and 15 women are killed every day in Brazil.

All of these deaths are preventable. They were the result of gender-related violence. 

But Latin America is now joining together to make a change after two high-profile murders in Argentina: 14-year-old Chiara Paez, whose boyfriend beat her to death after learning she was pregnant, and a 44-year-old teacher named Maria Eugenia Lanzetti, whose ex-husband broke a restraining order and slit her throat in front of her class. 

In the aftermath of these horrific events, demonstrators have taken to the streets of Argentina, and banded together on the Internet to support the campaign #NiUnaMenos ("Not One Less"). These protestors have a very specific demand in mind: that governments start enforcing a 2009 law designed to protect women against violence. 

The law in question is the Latin American component of the UN Secretary General's campaign "UNiTE to End Violence against Women," which governments in the region have failed to enforce, citing budget shortages.

But for journalist, Marcela Ojeda that's not an acceptable excuse. Ojeda took to Twitter to urge people to speak up and take action:


“Actresses, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs, social references… women, all… Aren’t we going to raise our voice? They are killing us.”

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are spreading this hashtag across the globe in hopes of inspiring real change and saving women from danger.

We hope that they will be successful in their efforts and help make the world a place that doesn't lose women to violence. #NiUnaMenos

(H/T: Quartz


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