Please, For The Love Of Mark Zuckerberg, Stop Sharing 'Be Like Bill' Posts

Be the change you wish to see on Facebook.

It may haven taken us until 2016, but we finally did it. 

Human society has finally spent so much time on social media that we've transcended every other annoying social media trend to discover and popularize a meta-annoying social media trend. 

If you haven't seen one (or one hundred) of these kinds of posts clog your newsfeed the past few days, I envy you:


Oh irony, thy name is Bill. 

The posts only exacerbate an already rampant social media problem, and here's why. 

When we sign up for a social platform, we’re basically signing this millennium’s version of the social contract.

By opting into social media, we agree to obey the laws that govern it. Besides the official terms and conditions every user agrees to when making an account, the majority of virtual society has agreed upon certain "moral" laws that everyone is expected to follow.  

These moral laws range from "Thou shalt not post about your 'perfect' relationship every day" to "Thou shalt not take pictures of the weather for posterity." 

Just as in the traditional social contract, we give up certain freedoms (e.g. posting whatever we want) to use social media morally with the aim that all users can coexist in virtual peace. 

Of course, social media law breakers abound, defying the moral code with every new post. So if I believe my peace has been disrupted, what's the "moral" response? Up until last week, there were two: 

1. I can dissolve my social contract with a specific law breaker (unfollow them).

2. I can dissolve my social contract with the entire institution (log out, deactivate, delete). 

Now, a third response has emerged. 

This latest "[Name] doesn't…Be like [Name]" social media trend condemns people who make annoying social media posts but does so through the very method it claims to despise. 

When you get down to the core of the issue, this "solution" fails because: 

A Facebook post that complains about annoying Facebook posts is, in itself, an annoying Facebook post.

When will it end? 

Because I saw so many people complaining about stupid posts, I am now complaining about the stupid posts that complain about stupid posts, which I'm sure will spark someone else to complain about me complaining about the stupid posts that complain about stupid posts. 

Only together can we stop this vicious cycle of social media abuse. 

Don't "Be like Bill." Be the change you wish to see on Facebook.

How can we make that change? It doesn't mean you can't partake in this trend, or any other one. 

If you "need" to satisfy your curiosity (admittedly I did), go to the Blobla website, type in your name, find out why people "should" be like you. But, for the love of Mark Zuckerberg, do not post it on Facebook. 

As a child, you probably were told to "think before you speak." As an adult, you should heed, "Think before you post." 

And if you have to "be like" anyone, be like Dwight Schrute.

Words of wisdom from Dwight Schrute


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