Widowed Father Recreates His Wife's Photos With Their Daughter And It's Beautiful

Truly amazing.

You might want to grab a tissue for this one. 

Almost two years ago, Rafael Del Col, a Brazilian blogger, lost his wife Tatiane, 27, in a tragic car accident. But to honor the memory of his late wife, Del Col decided to recreate some of the photos of the two of them. Except these were snapped with their beautiful daughter Raisinha — who was 2 years old when the accident struck the family — taking her mom's place.

And that video. We're in absolute tears. What a truly amazing way to celebrate someone's life.

Del Col was inspired by Ben Nunery, who had a similar photo shoot to recreate his wedding photos with his daughter when his wife passed away after a battle with cancer, Elite Daily reports

See it for yourself.


The photo shoot was also captured in this heartwarming video:

Aww. These two.

Watch the entire video below.

What a perfect way to honor someone precious.

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(H/T: Elite Daily)


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