13 People Waited Until Last Minute For Halloween. This Is What They Made.

In case you need some inspiration.

The 31st of October creeps up sooner than you might realize. If you're scrambling to create a last minute costume for Halloween, it turns out you're not alone. In the heat of getting Halloween attire at the eleventh hour, some people created some pretty awesome costumes.

Here are 13 last minute Halloween costumes that are incredibly clever:


1. What a nice mask.

2. Going for an exact match.

3. Seems fun to create.

4. Simple to make.

5. This is the cutting edge of creativity.

6. Be a hero.

7. This makes perfect sense.

8. The Dark Knight.

9. Sure, this works.

10. Also, a great breakfast.

11. The best mouse costume.

12. This is so clever.

13. Easy costume and great.


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