Please Experience The Beauty That Is The Last Blockbuster's Twitter

"Amazon Prime will never have that Blockbuster smell."

Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu make it easier than ever to watch a movie you've been itching to see or catch up on a TV show everyone on your Twitter feed has already spoiled. You can stream them at the click of a button. But remember when you had to actually get your ass out of bed, browse shelves, and chat with a cashier at your local Blockbuster Video to get your entertainment fix? 

Well, The Last Blockbuster would like to remind you. 

Back in April, Twitter account @loneblockbuster popped with a a hilariously perfect first tweet. 


Yep, Blockbuster is still alive and flailing. While Blockbuster corporate closed all of its stores, there's at least one Blockbuster franchise out there pulling at your nostalgic heartstrings.

People who work at the store take turns tweeting out reminders of what Blockbuster once was along with pleas for customers to come into their store. The posts are witty, hilarious, and seriously make us want to go there just to meet these people. 

If the store doesn't make it through the Golden Age of Streaming, someone please give them a social media job. 

You can read some of our favorite tweets from the account below:

1. Why lay down when you can walk?

2. This location doesn't have a going out of business sale, OK?

3. Blockbuster and wallow.

4. Blockbuster ain't dead yet.

5. Return your rentals, y'all.

6. Blockbuster's Cardinal Rule.

7. At least they're realistic.

8. Have you had your weekly dose of sodium yet?

9. Because those also only kind of still exist.

10. No joke.

11. Truth.

12. Also true.

13. They know their limits.

14. Not even the manager believes in their store's success.

15. Great analogies.

16. Their only customers don't know streaming exists. Or Wifi.

17. Sometimes they throw shade at other local businesses.

18. They could probably make more money if they were also a mail service.

19. Note taken.

20. Got 'em.

21. Shade > AC any day.

22. Negging at its finest.

23. At least they're self-aware.

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