You May Be A Mere Muggle, But These Harry Potter Lipsticks Are Basically Magic

We'll take all of them, please!

Harry Potter fans rejoice — there's now another way you can show your allegiance to the fandom. 

On your lips. 

Cosmetics company LASplash has a line of liquid lipsticks that are all Harry Potter themed. From Lovegood to Ginny, there's bound to be a color that brings out the magic in you. 


The matte lipsticks are long lasting in shades that are definitely out there with colors such as green, purple and bright baby blue.

They're bound to make you look picture perfect. Oh, and they're only $14!

People on Instagram are already loving 'em. Check out what they really look like on:

1. Lovegood

2. Alastor

3. Bellatrix

4. Nagini

5. Severus

6. Ravenclaw

7. Spellbound

8. Hermoine

9. Sirius

10. Nyphadora

11. Ginny

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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