Larry David Is Bernie Sanders Is Larry David In 'SNL's' 'Bern Your Enthusiasm'

"If I'm gonna have milk, I'll have milk."

Over the last year, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has gone from minor annoyance to legitimate threat for the 2016 Democratic nomination. He's no nonsense, isn't bought by large corporations, and wants to enact dramatic changes to how our government operates. Interestingly enough, he's even got a perfect doppelgänger who not only looks like him, but takes his endearing curmudgeon sensibility to untold heights — Larry David.

David has appeared on Saturday Night Live multiple times as Bernie Sanders, essentially playing himself if he were an extremely left-leaning politician. It's a delightful match of character and easily the best SNL political impersonation since Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Sanders and David are both completely hated or lovingly adored as only a grouchy, aging, balding man can be, and Sanders himself acknowledges their similarities.

So that's why it was an absolute delight when in a Larry David-hosted SNL over the weekend, not only did Sanders himself show up, but David had a full sketch dedicated to their increasingly intertwining personalities in "Bern Your Enthusiasm." Shot in the style of David's highly regarded Curb Your Enthusiasm, the five-minute bit followed him as Sanders on the campaign trail in Iowa. Along the way gets into minor squabbles only the way Larry David can, with spoofs of his Curb co-stars sprinkled throughout.

It's an awesome meld of political satire and David's signature exasperating TV personality, resulting in an all-time great SNL political sketch. Check it out in full below:


Cover image: NBC


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