Terrifying Video Shows The Largest Shark Ever Caught On Film

Never going in the ocean again.

If you're already scared of the ocean, you should probably just stop reading right now.

But if you're a fan of science, discovery and animals, then this is the story for you. Not long ago, an incredible video from Mexico surfaced with a diver and a great white shark. 


It became famous because they "high-fived."

But there was more to that amazing video than meets the eye. The man who filmed it, shark expert Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, was recently featured by NBC News. It turns out that clip may feature the largest shark ever caught on camera. 

Here is Padilla:

Apparently, the shark was even bigger than it looks on tape...

According to NBC, the 50-year-old pregnant shark is estimated to be 20 feet long.

Which is a scary thought when you see it do something like this:

Named Deep Blue, she is a reminder that in the shark world, females come bigger than males. 

"Females are kind of elusive," Chris Lowe, a renowned shark expert from California State University told NBC News. "We haven't really figured out where the females go and where they spend their time." 

He added that her markings can help researchers identify her, and was impressed by how close the shark actually came to humans. 

Check out the stunning video here:

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