Instead Of Eating This Diver, The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught On Film Just Wants Some Love

We think that's all he wants...

When we see a Great White shark, we're usually doing something like our friend Donald Duck.


Getting the F*** outa there!

We've already learned from movies that a friendly shark could quickly turn into a very big problem.

And before you know it, you have a terrible nickname.

And considering everything you see in animated movies is true, this diver sure has a limited imagination as to what is about to become of his short life on Earth.

And yet, this brave diver didn't even flinch when a giant Great White shark swam by to say "Hi" and grab a couple of fish.

It's quite a gamble, considering some sources are calling this the largest Great White shark ever filmed!

The video takes place in Guadalupe Island in Mexico and according to Grind TV, measures way over 20 feet long.

The videographer stated the same on his Facebook page.

But as you are about to see, this humungous predator didn't want to eat one of the ballsiest men we've ever seen in a diving cage.


Instead, our prodigious friend with his colossal razor sharp teeth just wanted some dap!

That's right. As the shark swam by and tried to take a chomp out of the cage, he stuck out his fin for a quick hi five! Thus becoming the coolest shark we have ever come across.

To keep with the "Finding Nemo" references, we shall call him "Squishy" and he shall be ours. 

Good thing this shark has been to his meetings and is now reformed.

We can't speak for the fish though... they didn't seem quite as lucky as the diver.

Phew... if only all sharks were this friendly. Watch the video below. Needless to say, don't try this in an ocean near you.


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