Watch The Glacier That Sunk The Titanic Crumble Into The Ocean

Why we can't ignore global warming any longer

In this remarkable video, filmmakers Jeff Orlowski and Adam LeWinter captured the breakup of the Ilulissat Glacier—the glacier whose ice is thought to have sunk the Titanic—in Western Greenland.  Over the course of 75 minutes, a staggering 1.8 cubic miles of glacier crumbled off the massive body of ice. It was the longest "calving event," as it's known to glaciologists, ever recorded. By the end of it, a mile-deep chunk of ice had fallen off the 3,000 foot-high face of the glacier. 

"Chasing Ice," their documentary about this event, has garnered over 30 accolades, including "Best Documentary" from the International Press Association and "Excellence in Cinematography" at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Aside from being visually riveting, their film reminds us of the real-world consequences of climate change.


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Source: YouTube and Chasing Ice.


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