Lane Bryant Just Made A Huge Statement About The Way Retailers Treat Plus-Size Women


In an ad in the September issue of Vogue magazine, women's clothing retailer Lane Bryant presented readers with a simple equation: #PlusIsEqual. The words "It's time for a change" followed, overlaid on top of silhouettes of what the fashion industry would consider plus-size women. 

But this time, it's not trying to sell clothes. Instead, it's calling on people to join in on its movement, which challenges the way the fashion and women's retail industry treat and depict women classified as "plus-size."

The company tweeted the ad out to their followers this Wednesday (Women's Equality Day) with the text "It's about time" to unveil the new campaign.


According to the PlusIsEqual website, the brand plans to address others in the biz to join in the conversation about the lack of respect women of differing, non-size-0 body types get. The site states that it's gathering tweets and Facebook posts from supporters using the #PlusIsEqual hashtag and will unveil them all on Sept. 14. 

"We'll be addressing key players in the fashion industry and media with our rallying cry for equal representation — and we'll need your help," it wrote. 

It's also included a section on the campaign page to "get the facts," which includes a statistic by Business Insider that claims 65 percent of women size 14 to 34 feel that the industry largely ignores their retail needs. 

And they're right. With brands like "one-size fits all" Brandy Melville and "a lot people don't belong in our clothes" Abercrombie, it's no surprise that in a survey conducted by ModCloth (who has pledged its own body positivity mantra) 92 percent of women agreed they feel upset when they can't find clothes in their size. 

Lane Bryant is using this initiative to do something about it. 

It hasn't yet revealed what other brands or influencers it'll talk to or any who are involved, but the conversation is long overdue. 

Women have since taken to Twitter to express their support using the hashtag.

We're excited to see what's in store. Or in this case, online. 

(H/T: Mic)


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