He Opened His Adoption Certificate On Christmas Morning, And The Internet Smiled

"He said he wanted to 'marry daddy' the way I did, so he could have the same last name."

Eleven-year-old Landon received a framed piece of paper for Christmas, but it meant more to him than any other gift his parents could've put under the tree. 

You see, the little boy had dreamt of being adopted by his mother's husband, Daniel Rice, since he was 5 years old. "He said he wanted to 'marry daddy' the way I did, so he could have the same last name," his mother, Janelle Rice, told Mashable

After Landon asked his teacher to call him "Landon Rice" instead of his birth last name at his fifth grade graduation, Daniel decided to start the adoption process. The process was finished in time for Christmas, so Daniel and Janelle decided to wrap the adoption certificate and place it under the tree for Landon to unwrap. 

Janelle filmed the moment he did and posted it to Facebook. In the video, we see Landon overcome with emotion, crying and hugging his adoptive father.


His reaction was so genuine and powerful that the video quickly went viral and has over 30 million views to date. 

"This is to certify that Landon Ryan Rice will be formally adopted by Daniel Rice February 2017," the certificate reads. "It's not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us father and son."

Landon's adoption wish and heartfelt reaction serves as a reminder that what really matters most this holiday season is family.

"I think we hope that people will learn that love is love — by blood, marriage or connection, and to some people, a small act (such as a step-parent adoption) actually means the entire world," Janelle told ABC

To learn more about adoption, please visit AdoptUSKids

(H/T: Mashable


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