Doll With 'Average' Girl Proportions Just Got Awesome New Accessories That Barbie Never Would

The 'Period Party' is just getting started!

When you think of accessories for dolls, shoes, hairbrushes and interchangeable miniskirts probably come to mind. Period pads? Not so much. But that's the newest accessory for the Lammily doll, which went viral last year for having "average" girl proportions, unlike oddly shaped Barbie dolls. 

The Lammily doll has gone against the grain from day one and her creator, Nickolay Lamm, today introduced an accessory line that, like her body, mimics most girls' needs. Lamm specifically created the "Period Party" accessory pack to combat the taboos that revolve around menstruation and make girls feel ashamed of their bodies.  

"If fashion dolls can have toilet paper in their bathroom, then why can't they have menstrual pads as well?" Lamm told A Plus in an email interview.


'I feel that this product is a step in the right direction of chipping away at menstrual taboos.'

While some parents loved the idea, others had apprehension, including Lamm's own mother when he approached her with the idea. But after thinking about it, she knew she could design accessories that make the concept work. 

The pack comes with stick-on pads, a calendar and stickers for girls to track their periods as well as an educational pamphlet, which includes eye-catching images and breaks down what menstruation is. It also busts common myths that surround periods, including the one that claims you can't exercise while you have it. 

"Of course you can! Run, jump, swim, bike, dance — do anything you want. Studies suggest that exercise helps to ease cramps and pain. Stay active!"

"A lot of parents I've talked to say that if they had something like this when they had their first period, it would have lifted a huge burden off their backs," Lamm said. 

Lamm's friend, who is also a year-three student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and currently in his OBGYN rotation, would agree:

"It teaches girls about a sexual health in a fun and chill way."

With women (and even male allies) beginning to fight back against period shaming they experience in their daily lives — such as Instagram banning period blood for instance  —  Lammily's Period Party could not have started at a better time. These women have had to fight back later in life, but imagine a world where girls grow up never knowing what it feels like to be embarrassed about their bodies. 

In other words, Lammily's period pads will hopefully help girls see the process as natural as needing to brush their hair, shower or perhaps even change their clothes.

"I just don't think that something as core to a women's life and health as menstruation should be seen as embarrassing in any way, shape or form," Lamm told A Plus.

Neither do we. 

If you'd like to purchase the Lammily doll or the Period Party accessory set, check out the page here.


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