There's A New Doll On The Market, And She Has A Few Accessories Barbie Never Did

Lammily is the "real" version of Barbie.

When artist and reseacher Nickolay Lamm created a doll with realistic proportions (modeled off of the average proportions of a 19-year-old woman), the internet went wild. The tagline? Average is beautiful.

If people loved just the thought of a doll that actually looks like them, how would they feel if that doll really existed? That's what Lamm got to thinking, and thus the Lammily doll brand was born.

Lamm launched a crowdfunding campaign March 2014 and, eight months and 13,621 backers later, the doll became a reality. 


Lammily is the first fashion doll made to real-life proportions and, as her description states, is "ready for action." She cooks, snowboards, does pushups, runs and goes on all kinds of adventures. She also comes with acne, stretch marks, cellulite, tattoo and mole stick-ons.

The doll's creator, Lamm, says that he created the doll with average body proprotions to promote realistic beauty standards. 

"I just feel other dolls on the market are so disproportionate that one can't help but notice how they look and make that the main focus," he told A+. "Because the doll looks so 'ordinary,' maybe the doll can help girls define themselves not on what they look like, but on who they really are."

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of the Lammily collection.

Lamm wrote on his personal website that he has a lot of plans for the future of Lammily:

I see the Lammily line including dolls of different ethnicities and different healthy body shapes. I also see some special edition dolls based on inspirational role models: sports stars, actors, leaders. And, yes, of course I want the Lammily line to include male dolls. 

So far, so good. And these 2nd graders would agree.


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