After His Beloved Wife Passed Away, This Man Created The Biggest Monument For Their Love


If ever there was a story of true love, this one is it. 

Charles "LaLa" Evans and his wife Louise were married for just under 60 years when she passed away. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Evans says that it was love at first sight when they met.

Back in the day, Evans worked as a shoe shine boy and would lunch at Louise's uncle's cafe. "When I put that eye on her," he said, winking, "you know, that was love at first sight... That was it right there."

Sitting with DeGeneres, Evans, 82, recounted the emotional night his wife passed. 

Just before taking her final breath, Evans remembers Louise looking up at him, "and we looked at each other and she told me 'I love you,' and that was it," he said. "I can live with that for the rest of my life." 

Now, Evans has turned his home into a museum of love, honoring his relationship with Louise. In one room, the walls are covered with endless amounts of pictures and tokens from years past. This January, the band Mutemath released a stunning music video to present it all.


"[Evans] is the living embodiment of not only our song "Monument," but everything we aspired to write about for this whole new album. We are so honored that he allowed us the opportunity to share his simple yet profound story of an enduring love through our song's music video. It's the first time we've ever attempted anything like this, but we felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a documentary-style music video highlighting the life of a very special soul who might not have otherwise had their story told..." Mutemath member Paul Meany captions the video on YouTube.

In the video, Evans leads us through his house, dancing from room to room, exploring his emotions. The footage also features original, homemade videos and parallels them with more recent, celebratory moments. 

For example, old footage of the couple's wedding cuts in between music video footage of Evans dancing in his backyard to Mutemath's song.

By the end of the video, we were speechless.

Be sure to watch the full music video below:

If you're not crying already, watch Evans reacting to the video for the first time:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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