As Kobe's Career Nears The End, His Fans Are Coping In Weirder And Weirder Ways

They must really, really love the guy.

The Kobe Bryant retirement tour has been in full swing for four months now, with the NBA legend soaking in his final season by living it up at the All-Star game, laughing it up with the younger players in the league, and tossing it up — his shoes, that is — to lucky fans that attend Laker games.

Those fans have been understandably appreciative to get a token from The Black Mamba himself, let alone watch him play one last time, but up until recently there was a gear of appreciation those fans hadn't quite hit. Now, after a game between the Lakers and Utah Jazz, untold heights of bizarre fandom have come into public view.

Here's what happened: after Kobe tossed a sweaty arm sleeve into the crowd, two fans immediately jumped on the poor guy that caught it. Obviously, he wasn't the kind of superfan his assailants were, because he smiled meekly and quickly gave up the sleeve to the rabid Kobe-heads.

Then, because we're all animals and the world is one big primal playground, the winners of the sleeve took turns sniffing it and proving that you're not a real fan until you do something weird to get your favorite team an extra spotlight in the media during a horrible season.


Watch the snatch-and-sniff below:

Cover image:  Shutterstock


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