Yes, This NCAA Basketball Player Fell For The Oldest Trick In The Book

How do you not see this coming?

It's the oldest trick in the book.

Anybody who has spent anytime playing pickup or recreational basketball, or hit the hardwood with some old heads, knows to never turn your back on an inbounding player. Players learn to bounce basketballs off an unaware defender's back in elementary school, and this week Colgate University guard Mariah Jones became the latest victim.  

With just 23 seconds to go in the game, and three seconds on the shot clock, Lafayette College guard Jamie O'Hare bounced her inbound pass off the back of Jones, retrieved the ball and scored a layup to take the lead and score the final basket of the game.


We're still not entirely sure how this worked, but there is definitely a lesson: you can learn a lot from those crafty kids at the local Y.

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