Watch Women Try Early 2000s Makeup Trends And Remind Us Why We'd Never Wear Any Of Those Looks Again

"I feel the sudden urge to write every boy I kissed in high school a letter of apology."

Sometimes, it can be hard to wrap our head around the fact that 2006 was a decade ago — a time before Beautyblenders or matte lip kits were trendy. Instead, we were wearing too much flavored lip gloss and applying bronzer with our fingertips. Most makeup-wearing teenagers of today would probably laugh at the beauty looks and tips from the early 2000s — especially considering most of them can do better makeup than adults. (They grew up with a plethora of beauty bloggers doing YouTube tutorials, so don't feel too bad). 

But, when we look back, we can't help but feel a little nostalgic. And laugh at ourselves, too.

In a new video for BuzzFeed, three women — Safiya, Devin, and Kristin — grabbed some magazines from the early 2000s and tried to recreate the beauty looks inside. They leaned toward looks that they wore when they were younger and laughed at the makeup tips. 

"Eyeshadow without eyeliner was huge," Safiya said. "They were definitely simpler times." 

"You wanted to become a very reflective surface in case you went out running at night and you wanted cars to be able to see you," Kristin joked. 

Their final makeup looks are an accurate depiction of our middle school and early high school days — looks we can say with confidence that we'd never want to return to.  

"A lot of the techniques I still use. A lot of the products I don't use," Devin said. 

"Though this is not something I'd do nowadays, I do remember this fondly because it's part of your formative years when you make weird decisions about what to put on your face and it makes you the woman who you are today," Safiya said. 


Check it out in the video below:


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