These Girls Threw A Slumber Party To Answer The Internet's Pressing Relationship Questions

"How do I slay my semi-formal without a date?"

With every relationship comes different experiences and problems that we may or may not know how to handle. 

And whether you've Googled your pressing relationship questions or asked your best friend for help, sometimes it's good to get a second or third or even fourth opinion.

So, in a new video for BuzzFeed's Ladylike series, six women — who are definitely "not licensed professionals in literally anything" — threw a slumber party to answer reader-submitted questions, drawing knowledge from their own past and current relationships.

Check out some of the questions and responses below:


Q: "How do I slay my semi-formal without a date?"

"I've gone to a few dances — some with a date and some without a date. And I'll say, I had way more fun just going with my friends," Chantel Houston answers.

"How do you approach an extremely attractive person that you've never met before, but really want to get to know?"

"I just walked up to my fiancé and said 'hi.' And I thought he was more attractive than me. But I was like ... let's just do it. Put on your big girl shoes," Kristin Chirico says.

To talk to someone, Jen Ruggirello recommends remembering the acronym "FORD:" Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams. With that, you have four perfect conversation points to keep their interest. 

"I have a gorgeous straight friend who gets all the boys. The problem is I want to ask her out but she's straight ... All I want to do is hold her hand and kiss her cheek but I can't!"

"People's sexualities can, and do, evolve and change as you grow and figure yourself out. But also, I do really believe that you sort of have to take people at their word," Ruggirello says. "So if someone says that they're straight then I think, unfortunately, what that means is that it might be time to figure out ways to move on. And that's also really hard, but you're not going to be happy pining."

For more, be sure to watch the full video below:


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