How To Pursue A Creative Career, And Other Advice From Women Who Know How To 'Adult'

Because sometimes life is just hard.

From handling stress and anxiety, to standing up for yourself in the workplace, adulting and pursuing your career can be tough.

And while we can turn to professionals to help guide us, sometimes the most refreshing advice comes from our peers who either have experience or are currently dealing with similar situations.

So, in a video for BuzzFeed's "Ladylike" series, a group of young women answer career questions open and honestly on camera, each with their own unique insight and opinions.

Here are some takeaway points from their Q&A session that you can welcome into your own life too:


How did you get the confidence to pursue a creative career?

"Creative careers are like a tournament — [there are] lots of people who start out, and the key to succeeding is to outlast the people who quit," Kristin Chirico says. "If you ask yourself 'would I be happy doing anything else' and the answer is 'no,' then it's not a matter of making a choice, because there is no choice."

How do you get comfortable standing up for yourself at work?

"It's just important to remember that you are a person are you deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of the environment," Freddie Ransome says. 

How do you handle stress and anxiety while at work or school?

"Once you leave work, you've left work," Safiya Nygaard says. 

So go home, put on a good television show, separate your thoughts and give yourself some time to relax — you deserve it! 

What's your advice for people who don't know what they want to do?

"It's almost more important to figure out what you don't want to do than what you do want to do," Chantel Houston says, remembering advice from an old professor.

Nygaard also recommends setting more manageable short-term goals rather than overwhelming yourself with one end goal. 

With these tips in mind, continue pursuing all of your goals to the best of your ability. And for more advice, check out the full video below:


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