She Surprised Her Brother With Lady Gaga Tickets. Now The Reaction Video Is Going Viral.

"Well, this totally brightened up my day since my frog in my classroom died this morning."

What seemed like a regular dinner out with his family turned into a monster surprise for one lucky little boy named Trenton. 

"I forgot to tell you, I got this, like, really weird email, and I think it's from the North Pole," his older sister, Britnee Webb, began in a video posted to her Twitter account. "I'm not 100 percent sure ... " 


As the video shows, those two words — North Pole — certainly got Trenton's attention. "OK, then I'm totally listening," he said. 

"But it had two [Lady] Gaga tickets in it," Webb added. "For tonight." 

"Oh. My. Gosh," he exclaimed.

When asked if he wanted to go with her, his answer was an emphatic (and obvious) "YES."

Trenton even began to fan himself after being so overwhelmed with excitement. "Well, this totally brightened up my day since my frog in my classroom died this morning," he added to the amusement of his family behind the camera. (Webb has since turned that iconic quote into a hilarious meme.) 

Since Webb posted the video to Twitter on December 14, it has received more than three million views, nearly 132,000 likes, and 37,000 retweets. 

 For those of us not lucky enough to receive surprise tickets to a Lady Gaga concert from our siblings, watching Trenton's pure joy is a pretty close second. 

A Plus has reached out to Britnee Webb for comment.


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