Lady Gaga Went Full Diva For The National Anthem And That Has People Angry For This Reason

They ain't so gaga for this one.

Lady Gaga's national anthem for Super Bowl 50 was epic to say the least.


It was so epic and long, that it actually caused a big problem for some people out there.

Since this is the "land of the free," you can make nearly any bet you want as long as you've got the dough.

One popular prop bet to make is on how long the national anthem will run. In other words, people can bet on whether or not the national anthem will go over or under a certain amount of time.

According to The Washington Post, betting site Bovada set the over-under time for Lady Gaga's performance "at 2 minutes 20 seconds."

However, since this is Lady Gaga we're dealing with, she doesn't play by the rules.

When she concluded the national anthem, she didn't actually finish the national anthem.

Nope, not Gaga.

Instead of finishing with just one extended "Braaaave!" she decided to just go ahead and throw in another, even longer "Braaaaave!" as the jets screamed over Levi's Stadium.

Therefore, even though it ended at 2:09 the first time around, she extended it and the song wound up finishing at 2:22, according to SB Nation.

So, when exactly did the national anthem officially finish?

This left many betters in a state of flux.

Well, Bovada had to make the call.

They decided that the official runtime of the national anthem was 2:09.

So, while the people who bet the under were certainly happy, there were definitely others who could easily make the case she actually went over.

Basically, it depended on which website people used to bet on the length of the national anthem.

It doesn't quite end there though. The Washington Post reported that since many people bet on the under, Bovada actually cost itself a ton of money by capping the performance at 2:09 and not 2:22.

Well, we guess all is fair in love and betting at the end of the day.

If you were a betting website, what do you think the official run time should be?

Watch the performance below and you be the judge.


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