Lady Gaga Crusades Against Workplace Sexual Harassment On Instagram

It's time to #FreeEveryWoman and #FreeEveryMan.

Lady Gaga has been in the spotlight a lot lately. From winning a Golden Globe (and brushing shoulders with Leonardo DiCaprio), to belting the national anthem during the Super Bowl, to paying tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys, there's been no shortage of the "Born This Way" singer on the stage and on the screen.

And she's been using her high-profile appearances to bring attention to an important issue. Prior to a powerful Academy Awards performance — in which she was introduced by Vice President Joe Biden — it was announced that Gaga had teamed with the politician to help promote the White House's It's On Us campaign. Its goal is to raise awareness about sexual assault.

In fact, Gaga has been one of the most vocal supporters of singer Kesha, who is locked in legal limbo thanks to a complicated battle against her producer Dr. Luke, who she says verbally and sexually abused her.

Now, Gaga is sharing some public service announcements on her Instagram account to further support Kesha, and to bring to light experiences that are all too common, especially for women. 

"#FreeEveryWoman#FreeEveryMan #FreeKesha. Join us and raise your voice to make change. Protect every woman and man from sexual violence in the workplace and beyond," the posts state, with messages reminding people that certain settings in life are not meant to be pick-up joints. 

A picture of a recording studio also directly speaks to Kesha's situation, but a classroom and places related to work are also featured, giving visuals to locations where women may be harassed and/or face unwanted solicitations for dates and comments about their looks — when they're simply trying to earn a living.


Check out the PSAs below:

(H/T: Entertainment Weekly)

Cover image: Ethan Miller / Getty Images Entertainment.


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