Watch Lady Gaga Sing 'Imagine' At The European Games And Be Inspired By Her Tremendous Talent

She deserves all of our 'Applause.'

We love seeing Lady Gaga's crazy outfits and her over-the-top performances. After all, that's what she's known for and she rocks it. But at the opening ceremony for the European Games on June 12, the singer reminded us that she doesn't really need any of that to wow a crowd. All she needs to do is open her mouth. To kick off the two-week-long athletic competition in Azerbaijan, Lady Gaga performed John Lennon's "Imagine" for the crowd of thousands. And it took their breath away.

At a time when there's so much conflict in the world, "Imagine" was a particularly meaningful song choice to sing at the event, which was attended by competitors and dignitaries from many different European countries. Gaga started out her performance by softly singing the first verse, but she built toward an impressive conclusion. By the end of the song, she was belting out the words in a truly impressive display. We always knew Gaga was a great singer, but we were still impressed by her powerful vocal. Her take on the song would rival any opera singer's.

The performance was emotional for both the crowd and the singer. At one point, Lady Gaga looked near tears. But she held it together long enough to complete the ballad, before adding, "Congratulations, have a wonderful Games." No, congratulations to you, Gaga. You deserve it.

Watch Lady Gaga's beautiful performance below:


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