Lady Gaga And The Dalai Lama Team Up To Discuss Evil, Compassion And Everything That's Important

His Holiness and Mother Monster join forces.

While Lady Gaga is taking a break from working with Tony Bennett, it appears that she may have found a new and somewhat unlikely collaborator — The Dalai Lama.

On Sunday, His Holiness and Mother Monster spoke at the 84th annual Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis about the need for more kindness in the world. The pair then joined forces for a 20-minute Facebook Live chat about mental and emotional health.

"Your mental attitude is [a] key factor," the Lama said, according to Rolling Stone. "Your mental attitude is sound with self-confidence and foresightedness."


During the conference, the attendees discussed the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando that killed 49 people. The Lama stressed compassion as the key for preventing future tragedies.

"Now, the time has come that America should be the leading nation in the promotion of human compassion, human love in order to achieve [a] compassionate world," he said, according to the Indianapolis Star. "I think in my lifetime we can achieve that. But [the] effort must start now."

Gaga echoed the Lama's sentiment, saying that we should not blame and argue with each other.

"Do not forget that hatred or evil is intelligent, it's smart and it's invisible," she said. "It doesn't have a color, it doesn't have a race, it doesn't have a religion. It has no politics… We have to get rid of those labels, these different factions: gay, straight, rich, poor, mentally ill, not mentally ill, gun owner, not gun owner. None of this can matter anymore."

The Lama suggested that "these so-called terrorists" already have the "seed of kindness" in them. Gaga reminded everyone at the conference that fighting fire with fire "makes no sense."

While most people praised Gaga for speaking with the Lama about these important issues, not everyone was pleased. China is reportedly censoring Gaga's music within its borders and has ordered its citizens to stop distributing the songs online. This ban stems from China's conflicted relationship with the Lama.

For Gaga, the ban is a small price to pay in her mission to spread worldwide kindness.

"We are unified in our humanity and the only thing that we all know we all appreciate in one another is kindness."


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