Think Feminism Doesn't Affect Men? Think Again

Without feminism we all lose.

Why does the word "feminism" often need defending? 

Time Magazine even included "feminist" on a poll of words to be banned in 2015 (though they quickly apologized and removed the word). 

But why is the concept of feminism so stigmatized when sexism affects us all? 

Maybe it's because people don't quite understand the meaning of sexism.


Or maybe it's because people don't understand that men need feminism as much as women do.  

Here, let YouTuber Laci Green explain: 

So what does it mean to be a man? -- to not show emotions or cry (like a woman), to not be weak (like a woman), to not be a nurturer (like a woman), to be strong (unlike women), dominant (unlike women), a protector, a breadwinner, to be violent, to treat women as sex objects, etc. 

"Sexism is about exclusion and unequal power in society," says Green.

It's about discrimination between individuals that bleeds into the workplace and into the law. It's about shaming, belittling and devaluating the feminine. Notice how many of the pressures boys face come down to defining themselves against women. So much of the pressures boys face in the world come down to the expectation that they not be like girls.

But gender, and the traits associated, exists on a spectrum that are not meant to be polarized, because as humans, we naturally have both male and female qualities. 

Sexism forces us all (men and boys included) to conform to what society expects, rather than what feels natural. And when genders are defined against one another, we all lose. 

"Obviously the fact that women and girls face inequailities is reason enough to stand up again sexism," says Green. "But let's not forget sexism also affects men and boys. It affects gay men, lesbian women trans folk, everyone in between." 

If you are for equality, then you are for feminism. 

H/T Upworthy 


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