Before Going Into Labor, This Mom Did A Popular Dance So Brilliantly

From water breaking to 'break yo legs.'

Akilah Wooten was just like any other woman going into labor, unless you consider her incredible dance while having contractions.

In the middle of being in labor last week at the Atlanta Medical Center, Wooten's solution to alleviate labor pain, like other pregnant women, is dancing. She danced to Silento's Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) in-between contractions, while nurse Angelina Ruffin filmed it.

"She came in labor but the baby was sitting in her pelvis," Ruffin told ABC News. "She was with her sister and cousin dancing. I had to film it."


Wooten, her sister and her cousin did the whip, and the nae nae.

"Do the stanky leg."

"Watch me bop."

The dancing pushed the baby down. Wooten later gave birth to healthy baby girl.

Watch the full video:

(H/T: ABC News)


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