Watch Kyrie Irving Break Everyone's Ankles In Sick 2-Minute Video

Few players have ever had handles like this.

Kyrie Irving has one of the meanest crossovers the NBA has ever seen.

The 22-year-old point guard is a big reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers have won 14 of 15 games this season. But even before Irving was making championship runs alongside LeBron James, he was owning every gym he stepped into. 

In the video above from Ballislife 2.0, some of Irving's finer days in high school are revisited as part of Nike's #ZoomCity series. 

Needless to say, Irving's highlights were just as impressive then as they are now.  


"You reach, I teach."

Through the five-hole.

The MJ fade away.

Playing defense on the glass.

And, of course, breaking ankles.

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