Artist Spent 2 Years Wearing Makeup, Wigs And Thrift Store Clothes To Look Like An Old Lady

Meet Kikuchiyo-san, a woman that doesn't exist.

While many people would give anything to look younger than their real age, artist Kyoko Hamada is after the opposite.


The 42-year-old spent two years dressing up as an elderly woman and taking photos of herself around New York.

Here's how Hamada looks on a daily basis.

And here is how she looks transformed into her alter ego, Kikuchiyo-san.

Hamada uses various props to bring her character to life and make her as real as possible. From a grey wig...

... to vintage clothes, makeup and even handmade body stuffing. She uses it to add extra curve to her back.

But the reason why Hamada slips into this old lady's skin every now and then has nothing to do with some secret passion for cosplay.

Here's how Hamada remembers the first time she turned into her fictional character: 

"When I first tried on her grey wig, the latex make-up, and her clothes, I gazed at the mirror for a long time. My initial reaction was to chuckle, but I started feeling a little uneasy soon after. The wrinkled face staring back at me resembled my own with thirty-plus years added to it," she writes on her website.

According to the artist, the project allows her to explore and further understand both aging and mortality.

Meeting her older self face-to-face helped Hamada understand that aging is "a fact of nature that we can't get away from."

It also made her think about the quality of her life and the legacy she will leave behind.

"To think about mortality is to confront our lives. On our death bed, it would be amazing if we could just be happy about the life we had," she explains.

Kyoko Hamada is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for publishing her limited edition artist book, that would feature all of the 99 photographs she took of herself over the course of two years.

Watch the video below to learn more about Hamada's project "I Used To Be You."

(H/T: Good Magazine)

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