This Is How Kylie Jenner Came Up With The Idea To Create Her Ultra-Coveted Lip Kits

Cuz' King Kylie is a business, man.

Kylie Jenner's lips have long been the envy of many and the topic of all too many discussions.


There was the dreadful "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge," where people stuck their mouths in shot glasses to create enough suction to perk them up. 

Luckily that social media trend seems to have died down.

But even when she does an entire magazine spread, the topic remains about "those crazy lips of hers."

However, Kylie didn't always have Internet-breaking lip kits and left-field fashion choices like icy blue hair.

In this hilarious post, she recounted the time when she was 9-years-old and wanted to break the mold.

Clearly she was still some years away from making more bold fashion choices and her mom only let her get one single hair highlight.

Kylie wrote in the post, "I begged my mom for a year to dye my hair& finally at 9yrs old she let me do this and only this! Changed everything."

Indeed it did. Fast forward eight years and here we are. Kylie has quickly developed one of the hottest makeup accessories out there.

Due to the more recent popularity of her lips and makeup choices for said lips, it was only a matter of time until she capitalized on this from a business standpoint.

The idea to come up with the lip kits wasn't something she always had in mind, though. In fact, she didn't even realize how popular her fashion choices were until she saw people mimicking her ideas.

She told Paper Magazine in their interview, through Instagram DM's of course, "It's really crazy. I never really think about it until I'll do a hair color and then I'll see all my fans in the same hair color. It's just crazy how much influence I have. It's cool."

In fact, wearing anything too crazy isn't what she shoots for. She told the magazine if she could pick one thing to wear for life, it would be black leggings, a hoodie and a comfortable pair of sneakers.

Similar to what happened with her hair fashion, her makeup ideas for her lips soon began to catch popularity with others.

She explained to Paper that it all began when she started to "overline" her lips with nude lipstick to make them look bigger.

Note to anyone, there is proof you do not need to stick your lips in a shot glass.

Then she saw other girls starting to wear the nude lipstick and whenever she went to makeup stores, Mac and Sephora, the employees would tell her that the lipstick she wanted was out of stock.

They would tell her, as per the interview, "'Kylie, everyone comes in asking what color you use. Everything's sold out -- I'm sorry!' These people should be paying you! Everyone comes in and asks for your color.'" 

However, it wasn't until her Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials that she "really realized" the potential of her own line.

You don't have to look too hard to find out how popular her lip kit line has become. The Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account has 2.6 million followers and her Twitter is full of triumphs about her glosses and mattes selling out.

Kylie has essentially turned into the Nino Brown of the lip game. People are OBSESSED.

The mere announcement that her lip kits were about to go on sale get 16,000 retweets.

There were articles on MTV about a blogger's attempt to purchase lip kits. 

As Kelsey Stiegman wrote for Seventeen, getting your precious lips on a Kylie Lip Kit "is the beauty version of the Hunger Games."

To clarify, one lip kit consists of "1 Matte Liquid Lipstick (0.11 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.25 ml) and 1 Pencil Lip Liner (net wt./ poids net  .03 oz/ 1.0g)," according to the description on  

There is also the new lip gloss, which you can attempt to purchase. 

Don't bother, because right now literally everything is sold out.

Literally, everything.

People are so excited to purchase them, they are even tweeting Kylie their purchase orders for her to retweet...

If you're trying to figure out a strategy for purchasing the lip kits, there are articles on how to game-plan for this.

They have seriously taken this pre-game to Peyton Manning-esque levels.

This MTV article breaks down seven steps to successfully give Kylie your money.

Some are simple, like "tell everyone around you to stfu," to more complicated tasks such as "be cool," because there is no being cool when there is so much on the line.

Trying to order Kylie's lip kits like...

Here's some consolation though. If you can't get your hands on Kylie's Lip Kits, chill and start getting fierce.

She has so much more to offer than that. She has a Puma line. #ForeverFierce.

Cuz' purchasing lip sticks ain't no game. Time to get in shape.

Oh you don't work out? Chill. She has a Pac Sun line too.

You don't shop at Pac Sun? Chill. You can follow her recipe on how to make shrimp tacos.

Stressed out from the day? Chill. Throw on some Kylie Jenner radio. Who needs Pandora when we have Kylie's tastes?

Can't get your mind off lip glosses and need some music too? Chill. She dropped a music video.

You really can't get those lip glosses out of your head, huh? Chill. Take part in some product research.

And help pick the time to give her your money!

You can also watch this Kylie Cosmetics lip kit review! It's everywhere!!!

However, if you do get your hands on a lip kit... chill.

Post up your success on Twitter and maybe she will see it.

Stay fierce. And if all else fails. Chill. You can get her nail polish too.

King Kylie is a business for real, man.

Yet still gets shaded by jelly bean machines.

Just one jelly bean? One little jelly bean?


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