3-Year-Old Jumps For Joy When He Sees His Neighborhood Garbage Man

The video is way too s'cute.

Three-year-old Kyler knows just how to brighten his neighborhood garbage mens' day.  Every Tuesday, the Clinton, MS toddler looks forward to lending them a helping hand as they drive through his grandmother's neighborhood. 

"It started one day we were coming down through here and his grandma had on a [University of] Alabama sweatshirt," said waste management worker, Clarence Weathersby or "Bug-Bug" as Kyler calls him.  Weathersby then bonded with Kyler's grandma, Kathleen Reynolds, over the university and its rallying cry.  "I just told her 'Roll Tide.' "

And the rest was history.


After this, the friendship between the boy and Weathersby grew. In fact, Kyler enjoys giving Weathersby and his co-workers Halloween and Christmas treats while proudly being their little helper year-round.

Watch as Kyler starts jumping for joy, with snacks in hand, at the mere sight of the garbage truck coming up Rosemont Street.

"Hey, my buddy," Weathersby could be heard telling Kyler in the video before swooping him up so the young boy could help throw the garbage bags in the back of the truck. With the push of the switch on the side of the truck, Weathersby and Kyler step back to watch the trash get crushed. On a recent visit, Weathersby had a special gift for Kyler to celebrate his third birthday.

"Bug-Bug just treats him super special," grandma Reynolds told the local Fox station. "He picks him up like it's a little brother thing, so it's great to see the interaction between them," she continued. "Kyler doesn't see the color and Bug-Bug doesn't see his color. They're just friends, you know. They just know love and they know kindness. That's the great thing about this."

(H/T: PopSugar)


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