In One Minute, Kyle Korver Did The Unthinkable In A Basketball Game

Some are saying "best shooter of all time."

Kyle Korver's shooting skills are getting outrageous. 

As FiveThirtyEight reported, the Atlanta Hawks guard is on pace to have the best shooting season in NBA history. On Monday night, in a mere 65 seconds, Korver showed the world why.

With the game close and the Hawks leading 56-51, Korver pulled up for a absurdly long three-pointer and splashed it to extend the lead to eight. Then he did it again, and again, and again. All in just over a minute.

One of the shots was later ruled a two-pointer because his foot was on the line, so it ended up being 11 points in 65 seconds. That's a sentence that would even make Reggie Miller jealous

Check out the absurdity in the video below.  


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