This Girl's DIY Prom Dress Is So Boss, The Internet Can't Stop Drooling Over It

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Meet Kyemah McEntyre, an 18-year-old from East Orange, New Jersey and a soon-to-be alumni of the Cecily Tyson School of Performing Arts.

Despite her young age, McEntyre has already proven she knows how important it is for aspiring artists to make a name for themselves. Judging by her latest creation, she also knows perfectly well how to do it.


For senior prom, McEntyre decided to put her talents to good use and design herself THIS fabulous gown. Minutes after posting it to social media, the Internet started flipping.

Kyemah's prom dress immediately sparked a viral news trend. People all over the world were sharing pictures of her stunning attire under the #kyebreaktheinternet hashtag.

Her cousin couldn't get enough of the dress either.

She posted sketches Kyemah has drawn along with a finished gown that was made a reality by seamstress Markell Evette of Markell's Closet.

In one of her social media posts, McEntyre mentions that she used to be bullied in school and this dress was her way of rising above all the haters.

"This is for always being labeled as 'ugly' or 'angry.' Thank God, stereotypes are just opinions," she writes.

Tell 'em, Kyemah!


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