Empowered Mama Buys First Bikini Ever And Inspires Women Everywhere In The Process

"Sharing this isn't easy by any means."

Many women probably don't remember the first time they put on a bikini, but for Krystal Gordon, it was a monumental moment. Two weeks ago, the 31-year-old mom purchased and put on a bikini for the first time. 

The Australian blogger went a step further and posted a photo of herself in the two-piece to her Facebook page. "Omg, I just bought a bikini!!! What the heck? Lol," she wrote. "I also just took and shared a front on photo of me without my clothes on — double what the heck!?" 

The move represented progress for Gordon. She found a way to love and embrace her body for the way it is instead of just hoping to feel that way about herself if her body changes in the future. 

"Loving thy self baby. Embracing it all. Being proud of my progress. Accepting me for who I am right now even if it isn't where I want to be," she continued. "Now don't get me wrong, sharing this isn't easy by any means — every bit of me is going 'holy shit Krystal, what are you doing!?'. But if I can happily accept and celebrate everyone else's body I sure as hell deserve the same love from myself." 


"I have a goal to wear this swimsuit in public this summer too. I WILL get there. It WILL happen," she wrote.

Gordon ends her post with a little advice for every woman worried about her beachwear. "You don't need a certain type of body to have a bikini body — you just need to put a bikini on!" 

Her post has hundreds of likes to date and is filled with positive comments. Below are just a few of the people who were inspired by Gordon's post:

We hope more and more women learn to love and be proud of their bodies like Gordon has. 

(H/T: Yahoo)


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