This 'Non-Model' Walked The Runway, And Her Shortness Only Made Her More Fabulous

"I just want to prove publically that I am going to be good at this."

Back in July, we covered Torrid, a retail brand with a "self-love attitude" and a 2016 campaign that celebrates women with all different body types. 

Recently, BuzzFeed senior editor Kristin Chirico, had the opportunity to walk in a Torrid plus-size runway show, filming the experience for the world to see.

At the start of the video, Chirico explains it was difficult to find a brand that would accept her for their plus-size runway show, with one issue being her height — she stands at five feet three inches. 

"I think we're used to beautiful women being very tall, so when we see shorter women doing something, we're just like ... where did one-third of you go?" Chirico says. "I just want to prove publicly that I am going to be good at this."


Just before the show, Chirico breaks out of her comfort zone with a new hair and makeup look.

The team removes Chirico's glasses and ties her hair in a high ponytail, which she admits makes her feel a bit vulnerable. But, upon seeing herself in the mirror, Chirico totally loves it.

"You have to trust that people can see you and see their vision on you and that your insecurities don't really mean much in the grand scheme," she says. 

After totally rocking the runway, Chirico is overcome with emotion but realizes how much she's accomplished.

"If you can walk a runway, there's probably all sorts of things that you fear that you can also do," she concludes, which reiterates the idea that if we set aside our fears and ignore our doubts, we can accomplish all of our wildest dreams. 

Check out the full video below for more:


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