Kristen Wiig And Steve Carell Discover That The Internet Has Some Weird Questions About Them

"This is the best question I've ever been asked in my life."

Most of us have Googled our favorite celebrities at one point or another, but have you ever wondered what would happen if those very celebrities saw your burning questions about them and actually answered? That's the premise of Wired's Autocomplete Interview series, and the latest installment is a good one.

Despicable Me 3 stars Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig sat down to discover some of the searches that show up on Google when you type in words such as "who" and "how" with their names. The exercise revealed that people have some weird questions about their favorite funny stars — but at least we got answers.

For example, did you know that Steve Carell and his wife own a general store in Massachusetts? Or that Kristen Wiig's first Saturday Night Live episode featured Jason Lee as a host? You do now, all because some kind souls on the internet looked it up.

Other questions don't get the most serious answers because Carell and Wiig don't exactly understand them. For instance, "Who the is Kristen Wiig shirt?" Wiig says it's "the best question I've ever been asked in my life" before Carell pretends to be a red carpet reporter asking who she's wearing.


Discover the rest of the internet's most searched questions in the video below:


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